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The Benefits of a Clean House

The Benefits of a Clean House

There are many benefits of having a clean home. One benefit of having a clean home is it makes you feel better mentally. When you have cleaned your home and you’re finally done and you sit down and everything looks and smells clean it’s a sense of accomplishment and it makes you feel wonderful. If your home is messy and dirty it makes you feel tired, crabby and in a terrible mood. A clean home is nice to sit and relax with a clean home.

Another benefit of a clean home is its healthier for you and your family. When dust accumulates all over, you’re breathing the dust into your lungs. If you or your family member has asthma or any breathing problems this could make the condition worse. Along with dust, bacteria forms when your home isn’t cleaned on a normal cleaning routine. Bacteria and germs are everywhere if you don’t clean your home. You have to disinfect your home to rid germs and bacteria from growing. Your family’s health is important and to keep them healthy you should clean and disinfect your home.

If you have a ton of clutter around, then you should try to get rid of all clutter. It’s not healthy to have clutter around and it looks terrible. It’s also stressful on yourself if you have clutter around your home. It can make you depressed and down when you look around your home and it’s cluttered and dirty. Clutter accumulates a lot of dust besides looking awful.

A clean home equals a healthy home and mind. Teach your family about the importance of a clean home. You don’t want your children to be embarrassed to bring friends over because your home is dirty. A dirty home is embarrassing for your whole family and yourself. A clean home will give yourself esteem and make you feel better about your home and family.

If you are having a problem with your home being dirty and don’t know where to start, then start slowly. Do one room at a time. Start with the kitchen. You don’t want bacteria and germs around your food. Once you have your kitchen cleaned you will feel some accomplishment. This will give you incentive to work on the other rooms. Take one room at a time by doing on room a day. In just a week you will have seven rooms done. Depending on the size of your home you can have your home clean and germ free in just a couple of weeks. You will feel better about yourself and you and your family will be healthier.…

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Revive Energy Franchise Review – Things to Know Before You Get Involved

Revive Energy Franchise Review – Things to Know Before You Get Involved

The franchise market is an interesting way to make money. The idea of selling another company’s product is not a new one, but there are some new tricks and concepts that are used by the internet marketers of our day. The invent of the internet has created a gold mine for the marketer. No longer do you need to have an inventory or put up a lot of money to start. This is one of those opportunities.

The Revive Mint Distributorship Program is planned for the entrepreneur who wants the freedom that owning your own business can supply. Revive Mints provides an individual coach to help guide you and assist you to make the most of your line of work. Revive Mints comprises a proprietary healthy Power blend that appeals to all kinds of customers including athletes, pros, and regular men and women looking for an energy raise to increase their intellectual and physical performance. Revive Mints includes the same Energy lift as a leading Energy drink and are packed with the antioxidant superfoods acai berry, goji berry and mangosteen.

There is a lot of talk and buzz about Revive Energy Mints. Revive Franchising is an opportunity that offers discount rights to their flagship good Revive Energy mints. Franchisees get wholesale rights, 25 custom Revive vending machines and other instruments and education to help their particular needs to cultivate their business.

Ryan Russo and Logan Chierotti, founders of Rylo Products, LLC and Revive Energy Mints took a new approach to marketing that allowed others to profit as well.. Revive started hunting for qualified distributors in different regions to represent their company and their product. All distributors would be provided with Custom Revive vending machines, retail displays, merchandising materials, education and much more. With the relentless success of their distributor program, Revive begun to offer franchises as a way to offering more assistance and customer service. In 2008 Chierotti and Russo announced they had accomplished the development of Revive Energy Mints, a healthy Energy candy that would revolutionize the market.

In March of 2010, Revive commenced Revive Franchising, LLC to start selling franchises to men and women who were interested in selling with the Revive Energy Mint opportunity. In April of 2010, Chierotti and Russo enrolled in the CFE program to broaden their overall knowledge of franchising

Revive has an A rating with the BBB and zero complaints, which is a great first sign. They are registered in all the states they seem to sell in as a franchise and direct out a complete 150 page franchise disclosure document, otherwise better-known as an FDD.

What is enclosed in the Revive business?

• Business Plan

• Personal Coach

• Vending Machines

• Retail displays

• Marketing Materials

• National Advertising

• Business Cards

This affiliate opportunity looks to be a good offer. We did not inter the program, but have not been able to find anything negative about the company, the owners, or the opportunity. You will need to use caution, as you would with any franchise opportunity. Take the time to complete your due diligence before you get involved with anything. You must be sure that it is a good fit for you.

The most important aspect to any affiliate program is the advertising program you use to promote it. There are a lot of ways to get the traffic you want to this type of program and you need to master a few of them to succeed. A marketing and mentoring program can get you started on the path to success. You will do much better if you have someone who you can cal and ask the questions that will come up.…

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What People Should Tell You Before Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

What People Should Tell You Before Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

Although it is vital to hire a professional cleaning service for your office promises that you can rely on, it is

also important to provide a check and balance to make sure that they are completing all the necessary responsibilities that they were hired to two on a day to day basis. By creating these pit stops you can make sure that on necessary behavior and shortcomings are brought to the attention of professional cleaning services before they become a larger issue. For example, the canteen of garbage bins is a simple task that should be performed on a daily rate, of course the multitude of tasks related to this form of sanitation is a broader. Here are some guidelines to follow when choosing the right professional office cleaners to perform daily cleaning responsibilities.

Carpets and other items should be vacuumed on a daily basis. This is very important because the standard accumulates in carpets within their fibers not only does this cause a carpet to boost its value it can be a potential breeding ground of harmful pathogens and bacteria. Your rugs and park it can look dull and overused if not vacuumed religiously.

Make sure to check if hard surface floors are mopped and find courting me. Walking into your office first thing that we noticed and beer hardwood floors if there is a temp or wet spot with musty smell in the area were your elevators are situated then you need to check if the floor was mopped according to schedule. You may also ask your sanitation providers if there is a cleaning personnel assigned to this specific area which can be well populated times.

You can perform a spot check on the pantry and check if the microwave is properly cleaned. The microwave is an appliance that can be easily over especially if it is not properly listed in a checklist of important kitchen appliances to sanitize properly. This can be the case especially if the microwave is unused, stains and smells from old food can be a difficult to remove if not cleaned on a regular basis.

It is also crucial but your fashion cleaning crew maintain kitchen countertops and sanitize them on a daily basis. Instead of using normal so they should be using anti-bacterial cleaners and wiping them with Microfiber cloth to make sure that it is 100% disinfected and do not carry any pathogens are potentially harmful bacteria. If kitchen countertops are left untended they can be potential breeding ground for harmful bacteria that can cause your employees to be sick and much worse precipitates a pathogen outbreak.

A lot of employees don’t know this but the company refrigerator is a giant germ nest. A lot of spillage and spoiled food is stored in the company fridge because of employees neglecting to remove food items that they placed in the refrigerator previously. It is absolutely necessary to perform older controlling sanitation measures for the refrigerator aside from cleaning all containers and trays accordingly.

Making sure that the hand soap star replaced is a must for a professional cleaning. A common concern in many companies that have multinational coverage is the lack of and sanitizers hand soap dispensers appropriately filled in bathrooms. Many times employees fall victim to a fun-filled hand soap dispensers and have to settle with hand washing without a disinfecting agent.

A very important and often misdirected responsibility for most contract cleaning companies is making sure that the toilets are wiped and four of the polished. The way the toilet is cleaned will determine the amount of bacteria left in its bowl which is why it is imperative to use specialized cleaning products for this public utility.

Ensure that your contract cleaning company replaces all consumable items on a daily basis and maintain state checklist of inventory supplies. These items consist of toiletries like paper towels, hand sanitation liquid and so. Kitchen paper towels should also be a bond saints in your pantry so that employees can take care possible spills in the fridge or on that pantry table in case it happens. And speaking of the pantry dishes should be washed and stored immediately after views you wouldn’t want an emergency client visit to stumble on the pantry filled with on washed dirty dishes. A professional cleaning company should have quality control check lists that check the integrity and cleanliness of coffee cups plates and utensils that are available in your office pantry.

Important considerations when hiring a professional cleaning crew

If you require additional assistance when it comes to home cleaning or which like somebody to come in and help you get started on your pending cleaning job than hire a professional cleaning service. This can be …

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Investing in a Franchise – A Proven Franchise Will Ensure Your Financial Independence and Freedom

Investing in a Franchise – A Proven Franchise Will Ensure Your Financial Independence and Freedom


A franchise is an opportunity to use another firm’s successful business model. A franchise is established after developing a proven track record of increased revenue, brand awareness, and customer retention.

An investment opportunity in a franchise is low risk and has high return of return on your investment. It is one of the very investment vehicles where you are almost guaranteed not to lose any of your investment.

A franchise will provide you with the financial independence and freedom you have been searching for years. It is your gateway to a better future and we are here to help you along in this journey.

What Type of Franchise

The type of franchise to invest in is very important. The following are a few key decisions you must make before you decide on a franchise:

Longevity: How long the franchise has been in business? Is it is a fairly new franchise the risk of failure increase

Revenue: How much revenue is the franchise earning year after year? Is there a downward trend or upward? Is there potential for increased revenue in the future?

Autonomy: How much independence are you given as a franchise owner? You have to follow corporate rules and regulations for operating a franchise. The lesser the restrictions the better it is for you.

Global Presence: Is the franchise going to be a global presence in the future? Our economic is directly connected to the global market. A franchise that will have a global presence is important because it shows the stability and growth of the franchise.

Reputation: What kind of reputation has the franchise established for itself? A franchise with a negative reputation for advertising products, treatment of employees, and lack of commitment to supporting communities will have increased risk for your investment. Choose a franchise with an excellent reputation to reduce the risk.

You must answer these questions before you make any decisions and we are here to guide you along the way.

Franchise Choices

There are many options available to you in Canada when deciding to choose a franchise. A Canadian icon that we are reminded of everyday and visit every day is Tim Hortons. The coffee of Tim Hortons is embedded in our Canadian culture.

This is a very low risk with high returns.

Subway is also another great franchise for investment. It provides a product that is high demand and will continue to be high demand in the future. This is because of the growing trends of consumers switching to healthy diet habits.

If you want to be part of the growing trend of going healthy, then this investment will be perfect for your portfolio.


Becoming financially independent and securing the financial future of your family is very important. Start investing in low risk and high return investments such as a franchise.

It can be costly at times to start in such an investment but partnership will allow you to generate sufficient funds needed.

Start developing a strategy towards your financial freedom.…

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Fast Food Restaurants – Are They Good For Business Meetings?

Fast Food Restaurants – Are They Good For Business Meetings?

Fast Food Restaurants may be a good place to get your team to bond, but are they good for business meetings? The informal atmosphere, casual approach and ‘meal’ environment may make your team feel relaxed and open to new ideas, but will they be able to focus or will distractions keep them from paying attention? Join me on a journey into unusual meeting ideas.

Planning a business meeting is generally straight forward. You have your equipment, agenda and goals all to hand as your staff troop in for another company up-date, but what about those who work out in the field? Or what if you want to shake your team up a little to help them think outside the box? Are fast food restaurants a good a place to hold your business meeting instead of the main office?

Obviously fast food restaurants exist for one reason: to serve up fast food so that hunger is satisfied quickly. The cuisine is not too refined and the cost fairly cheap. Table service is not always an option and the surroundings reflect a universal company theme. The atmosphere is relaxed but not too chilled and they don’t want you to linger overly long. There is usually canned music of questionable quality and often a family atmosphere. To a fast food franchise owner, faster turn-over equals faster profits.

So, fast food restaurants – are they good for business meetings?

1) If you are in a mainstream business and planning to move some boundaries or offload new concepts on your staff, a fast food restaurant could be used to your advantage. You could do away with ‘traditional’ business meeting mode and ease your staff into the meeting with an appropriate ice-breaker.

Here are a few pointers to help with business meeting productivity:

* Choose a location far away from competitors! You don’t want to offer them a birds-eye view of your plans.

* Choose the quietest period. Eg. Wait until kids are at school and mums at the shops!

* Pre-warn the manager if your team is large. Make sure there are vegetarian options on offer.

* Find the furthest place away from the evil music!

* Use the franchise model and environment to make comparisons with your new concepts.

* Thank the manager for the use of the premises – especially if you wish to return.

* Enjoy the event! Make sure you take all necessary equipment (agenda, pens, paper etc) so that the meeting can start promptly and end on time.

2) If you are a home business owner or MLM affiliate and time is of the essence, fast food restaurants make an ideal place to slot in a quick, informal business meeting to catch up with your team. Choose a location within easy reach of your team and local schools to aid a quick getaway. Make sure you have assembled all new products and information so that discussions can get underway quickly and end promptly. Enjoy the event!

Business meetings are an unavoidable part of business life, but who said they have to be dull and boring? The trick is to find different locations to turn them into Enjoyable Events! To achieve this, increase your skill base to leave ‘boring’ behind. Learn new methods and strategies that will take your business way out of everyday league and even help you achieve multiple streams of income. That way you won’t be dependent on one business idea alone. I hope “Fast food restaurants – are they good for business meetings? is helpful.…

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Home Based Low Cost Franchise Opportunities – Top 5 Picks

Home Based Low Cost Franchise Opportunities – Top 5 Picks

There are thousands of home based low cost franchise opportunities for the aspiring entrepreneur to find, weed out the scams and review. Our top 5 picks give you a head start on your journey to discover the excitement and rewards of owning your own business.

Top 5 Picks:

After careful review and analysis of a number of national franchise rankings, our top 5 list of home based, low cost franchises listed in order of fastest growing list ranking (all in the top ten) includes:

– Stratus Building Solutions with over 3,500 U.S. franchise units. Startup costs as low as $3,500.

– JanPro Cleaning Systems with over 10,200 U.S. franchise units. Startup costs as low as $3,200.

– CleanNet USA with over 4,700 U.S. franchise units.Startup costs as low as $6,700.

– Vanguard Cleaning Systems with over 1,700 U.S. franchise units.Startup costs as low as $8,200

– Bonus Building Care with over 2,700 U.S. franchise units Startup costs as low as $9,100.

You’ve clearly noticed that all five franchises are in the commercial cleaning business providing a range of professional cleaning services such as office and carpet cleaning to offices, gyms, churches, banks and other commercial customers.

This type of business is well suited for the startup business owner. Most services are performed at the customers location, eliminating the need for a costly storefront or warehouse office. Startup costs are minimized to franchise fees and a basic set of commercial cleaning equipment which can later be expanded to provide more services and equip additional cleaning crews.

The home based and low cost nature of these businesses allow for startups to begin business on a part time basis, often retaining their day jobs until they have established a substantial contracted client base.

Notice these businesses are classified as home based, in this case meaning the business can be operated without the monthly overhead expense of rent for an office or warehouse, but still not working AT home. Discover an amazing opportunity for a true low cost, work at home business at …

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Website Franchise – How Does It Work?

Website Franchise – How Does It Work?

Having a website franchise business is probably one of the smartest ways to make money online. If you could understand how a popular fast-food franchise works, you could then understand how to make thousands, maybe even millions from your home computer.

Let’s take a look at the McDonald’s franchise system:

Ray Kroc bought the McDonald’s name and restaurant from two brothers and revolutionized the world of business. As his restaurant became more and more popular and started becoming a brand name around town, he thought of ways how he could expand his business. The only problem was, he didn’t want to be running multiple restaurants at once. It’s too much work. So he thought, maybe if he could open another restaurant on the other side of town, but have an independent owner operate and run it. All Kroc would do is keep about 4% of that restaurant’s revenue because after all, it is his company. The independent owner could keep 96% of the profit.

After he opened the 2nd and saw that it worked, he went on and opened a 3rd, 4th, 5th, and so on. Today there are over 30,000 franchises world-wide. What does this mean for him? Let’s take a look and use hypothetical numbers to examine the power of franchising:

Say each McDonald’s is only open 10 hours a day. There are 30,000 stores in the world. That would be 300,000 hours of work going into Ray Kroc’s business everyday! Now let’s say each 4% from every store is only $100 a day. That would mean he makes $3,000,000 a day! That’s smart work.

The downside? To buy a McDonald’s restaurant, you need about $1 million dollars. Also, as an independent franchise owner, you can’t sub-franchise your business. Only the McDonald’s corporation can. But with a website franchise business, it’s different.

So how does a website franchise work?

It’s very simple. The best thing to do is get your own income-generating website through a good system. You can host this website for about $20 a month which is really nothing. You also don’t need to build the website as usually there is a tech support team that will do it for you, in less than 24 hours.

Next, you learn how to promote and market this website. As you start driving traffic to it, you will create accounts and begin forming a network. The more franchises you have in your network, the bigger the paycheck each month. So if each website is worth $10 a month, all you need is 1,000 accounts and you’ll be making over $10,000 a month.…