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The Truths on Sensual Massage

Touching is in itself a form of non-verbal communication. It’s possible to reach a wounded heart with a touch. A touch can bring warmth and assurance. That’s the magic in touch, if it’s utilized with understanding.

Our sensual nature lives on from the moment we are born till death. It’s the part of us that makes us yearn to touch and to be touched. Several studies have shown that this is a need right from infancy and childhood, and when not fulfilled, can lead to many personality problems.

Bodily stroking can end with different forms of satisfaction. This, thus sets sensuality apart from sex itself since the goal of sex is orgasm. Voluptuary massage involves all of a person’s concentration. Willing and in-depth interaction is what sensuality demands. In the pursuit of pleasure during an appetitive massage, sex may or may not be the ultimate result. This kind of voluptuary act can be described as the ultimate intimacy experience.

The beauty of sensual touch is in its way of giving and receiving in return. It’s important as it opens the doors to healing of wounds, restoration, and togetherness. With the knowing touch comes to the comfort to a partner’s soul and the leeway into their world.

Fulfilling sensual massage calls for selflessness towards your partner. It entails putting the interests of your soul mate first. Many touch therapies between partners have ended up in resentment because one partner felt that they were giving more than the other.

The spice that comes with sensual strokes is that, unlike in sex, boredom is very unlikely since it’s driven by the ever-changing nature of human emotions. Emotions are affected by the different times and settings we find ourselves in. These different moods will set the sessions all differently, thus killing the possibility of getting mundane.

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Another rule of massage says that your body knows what your mind doesn’t. Like a new sailing experience, you need to let loose and cruise with the tide. The game goes beyond the hands only. Every part of your part should work along your hands. Beyond doubt, this kind of dedicated sessions have produced thrilled satisfaction and an enthusiasm towards the next session.

In the same way a baby will feel safe and loved when calmed, soothed and gently rocked, so will a partner end up feeling following a gentle loving sensual massage session. When the aim of creating a feeling of love and safety is achieved, it becomes easier to get into a partner’s heart through trust. In its own unique way, sensual touch between couples has brought healing and a deeper sense of love and understanding, thus even restoring failing marriages.

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