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Some Frequently Asked Email Questions

The invention of email services has continues to dominate this century. All applications today require one to have an email for verification. Emails are used for protecting the user information. Before using the application you must prove you are the real owner. There are some problems that are encountered by email users. You should take time to know how emails work. It is possible to enjoy using the app when you learn everything about it.

Information Gmail is a site operated by Google that offers users with information on FAQs and challenges which they face. It offers solutions to common faults. Before you can request for help from another person or from the Gmail support you can look for these tips and the problems you are having can be fixed when you follow the steps. The reasons, why you cannot access your account, could be due to a faulty password, wrong email address or verification is required. You will need to verify using your phone.

You can also make some classes in your inbox. Different plans are used when customizing the Gmail. Some themes are used thus changing how the inbox looks like. You are guided on how you can set the new theme. You can also check on how to modify the password. You can have the choice in account settings. The option allows you to put a new password if you have forgotten the previous email password.

Different email accounts can as well be managed by one application. A tutorial on adding other emails is available. The Gmail app allows you to manage several sites on it. The initial email address remain as the primary email address and the others are also added. Notifications form all emails are received via the app. You can modify the settings so that it is not confusing. It is possible to differentiate different emails that you receive on the app.

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Modifying notifications is important. When you have several emails on the same phone you can create different tones and ways of information. When a new tone is heard you can check what has been received on that email. For less important emails, you can mute the notifications so that it does not disturb you.

Many people often panic when they cannot login into their accounts. The page gives ways on how you can log into your account. Options available are using the recovery email, use of phone verification or using the password you last used. When these options are not very suitable, you can give the secret word to a given question that was used when creating an account. Gmail help has ensured that all users can recover their accounts with ease. When a severe problem is encountered, you can contact support.

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